Online Video Review of Your Gym Technique

By a Certified Starting Strength Coach

Are you already dedicated to free weight training and eager to ensure your technique is correct and safe? No more hassles of searching for a local coach, coordinating schedules, or traveling for training guidance.

Introducing Online Video Analysis Feedback!
Our streamlined and efficient Video Review service to enhance your form in the gym.

Get video analysis feedback today to:

  • Elevate your performance in primary gym exercises.
  • Secure your weight training with expert guidance to prevent injuries.
  • Gain world-class insights to accelerate your fitness journey.

How It Works:

  1. Sign up for a one-time fee of $30. All you need is a phone with a camera.
  2. Head to the gym, position the camera at a 45-degree angle from the back and side, ensuring it captures your entire body and the weights. It can also be hand-held by a fellow gym member.
  3. Perform and record a video of the primary barbell exercises with a moderate weight: the Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift, and Bench Press. If you don’t use barbells, perform these exercises in your preferred variations.
  4. Upload your videos to Google/Apple Photos, share the links with us via email, and receive invaluable feedback within 3 days

* A follow-up consultation call is available at a discounted rate to review your program, goals, and fitness progress, ensuring you stay on track and make efficient, safe strides toward your fitness goals.

You are Guaranteed to Gain Valuable Insights.

People from around the world have benefited from this Video Analysis Feedback, relishing the peace of mind that comes with the endorsement of a world-class coach who specializes in performing weighted exercises, primarily with barbells, ensuring your exercises are executed correctly without the risk of injuries.


The feedback you’ll receive is unlike any other you’ve experienced so far — guaranteed. The depth of analysis of movement patterns and the attention to detail, coupled with the cueing ability that is the baseline of a certified Starting Strength Coach, sets the gold standard for how movement patterns in the gym should improve. It will make a difference in your form as early as your next workout. You will genuinely appreciate and benefit from this streamlined experience.

Zohar Yermiyahu

Certified Starting Strength Coach
& Founder of Be Stronger

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