Be Stronger's
"Right-Track Progress Bundle"
for the Starting Strength Lifter

Ensure you're on the right track with your training according to the Starting Strength method.

Gain personalized insights from a Certified Starting Strength Coach:

1. Enhance Your Form's Safety and Efficiency: Receive a Form Review on videos of your four primary lifts.

  • Evaluate whether your training adheres to fundamental safety principles for proper strength training.
  • Identify setup and movement errors in your main lifts.
  • Receive customized cues to practically correct your form, addressing subtle errors often overlooked.

2. Improve Program Compliance: Customize your program to align with your needs and abilities.

  • Struggling with consistency, recovery, or workout duration? Your program may need peronlized adjustments.
  • Through discussion and tailored questions, identify necessary changes for your needs.

3. Achieve Your Body Composition Goals: Simplify your nutrition plan by introducing small but crucial improvements.

  • Resolve issues with gaining mass, meeting protein goals, or cutting body fat.
  • Streamline your nutrition plan by introducing small, crucial improvements.

All this awesomeness for a one-time payment of only $30, for a limited time.

Zohar Yermiyahu

Certified Starting Strength Coach
& Founder of Be Stronger

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